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Legal notices

This site is owned by BELER INGENIERIE, SARL under French law, 31 av. du Général Leclerc - 92340 - Bourg La Reine - France, with registered capital of 102,000 €, listed on the Nanterre companies register [RCS de Nanterre] under the number B 390 925 717.
The website operator is also BELER INGENIERIE.
The managing editor of the website is Mr. Philippe ROUSSEL, acting in his status as Gérant of BELER INGENIERIE.

The website user recognizes that he/she has the necessary expertise and facilities for gaining access to and using this website. The user also recognizes that he/she is cognizant with this present legal information, and undertakes to comply with it.

In compliance with the requirements of the french law of January 6th 1978 concerning information technology, files and personal freedom [Loi Informatique et Libertés], the automatic processing of data that personally identifies you, undertaken from this Internet website, will be declared with France's national commission for information technology and personal freedom [Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)]. The user has the right to have access to, modify, rectify and erase information concerning him/her/it (Article 34 of the Information Technology and Personal Freedom Law [Loi Informatique et Libertés]).
BELER INGENIERIE undertakes not to sell or to disclose outside its group of companies any addresses or information registered by visitors to the site, without their express agreement.

The user is informed that during his/her visits to the site, a cookie may be installed automatically by his/her web browsing software. A cookie is something that does not personally identify the user, but that is used to record information concerning the visitor's browsing of the website. The user can disable this cookie by means of settings within his/her browser software.

Any total or partial representation or imitation of this website, by any means whatsoever, without the express agreement of the website operator is forbidden and constitutes counterfeiting punishable by Articles L 335-2 and subsequent of France's intellectual property legislation [Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle]. This ban notably extends to every written item featuring on the site, presentation of screen displays, presentation of published documents, programs necessary for operation, images, photos, and original films belonging to BELER INGENIERIE, although this list is not exhaustive.

The same applies to databases featuring on the website, which are protected by the terms and conditions of the law of July 11th 1998, which implements the Code of Intellectual Property (CIP) of the European directive of March 11th 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases.

However, BELER INGENIERIE authorizes the partial reproduction of this site by any information publication organization, for the purposes of a quotation or press article illustration, providing that it states the original source, naming BELER INGENIERIE, and reproduces the texts without cutting-out sentences and without changing the sense. The presentation of screens or images of this site is only authorized if accompanied by a quotation from an extract of the texts accompanying them on the website.

The brand names of the owner of the website and its partners, namely Beler Soft, and the logos depicted on the site are registered trade marks (semi-figurative or otherwise).
The brand name OFFSHORE CONNECT is a registered trademark of Mr. Philippe ROUSSEL.
Any complete or partial reproduction of these brand names, trademarks or logos, based on elements from the site, is prohibited under the terms of Article L713-2 of the CIP, unless expressly authorized by the website operator or its rights holder.

Other brand names and trademarks named on this website are the property of their respective owners, particularly the system and language logos and names of the Microsoft company.

The prices and price rates specified on the website are stated «with reservations for publication errors», and may be amended without prior notice by BELER INGENIERIE.
Code of Intellectual Property:
"335-2. Any publication of writings, musical compositions, drawings, paintings or any other production, printed or engraved entirely or partially, in contravention of legislation governing authors' property is an act of counterfeiting, and counterfeiting is an offence.
The counterfeiting in France of works published in France or abroad is punishable...
335-3. Any reproduction, representation or dissemination, by any means whatsoever, of an intellectual work in contravention of the rights of the author of a software program or programs, as specified in L 122-6, is also a counterfeiting office."