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Operating mode

Limited time-based contract

This system combines the flexibility of a time-based software development with the security of a fixed rate contract.

Drawing up the tender:
On the basis of a list of specifications that does not necessarily have to be exhaustive, we draw up a framework, as detailed as possible, delimiting the project that is to be developed.
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Time-based contract

The provision of a team of 2 – 7 developers is currently our most in-demand operational method.

It is well suited to projects managed by the client's technical manager or for the coordination of minor developments, such as specific adaptations of a software package to meet the flow of user demand. This is also the operational method to select... [...] read more...

Outsourcing development packages

Outsourcing programming development on a fixed rate basis has been the basic activity of our company for a number of years, with more than 60 software packages developed. Software development on a fixed-rate basis is highly suitable for clients whose research department have already drawn up detailed specifications and work alongside us on the test procedures. However, we are only able to work with a fixed-rate contract ... [...] read more...