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Outsourcing Programming

.NET programmers
in Estern Europe

A specialist in outsourcing programming in Eastern Europe, Beler offers Microsoft-certified developers C# and ASP.NET.

Android and iPhone
application design

Our mobile application design agency will turn your outstanding, profitable apps outsourced projects into a reality


Use our PHP / ZEND Framework developers for your structured PHP offshore programming for business sites and back offices

An Outsourcing Programming Enterprise in Eastern Europe

Outsourcing Programming vision

Beler is located in Romania and France and offers publishers of software packages and IT services a highly technical offshore programming [...]

Structure and management

Our outsourcing programming site, Beler Soft, is situated in the centre of Bucharest, Romania, less than three hours from London by air [...]

Our history

BELER INGENIERIE founded in France. Mission: to provide software publishers reliable outsourcing programming solutions. [...]
The developments carried out by team CRINSOFT gave all satisfactions. The developers have a very good competence and the work with the team occurred very well
Jorge DE AZEVEDO - General manager
Very good communication, professional in approach, development corresponds exactly to our specifications, with a good understanding of the subject and in a timely manner. Efficient.
Olivier CHOTARD - IT Manager
In the realization of this project, we particularly appreciated the professional competence of the project leader and his perfect comprehension of requests of the customer
Françoise SCARBONCHI - Clients Service manager
The Beler company has realized an iPhone app for us in the context of a limited time-based contract.The Beler team is not only serious and respects deadlines, but they also made us the beneficiaries of their
An effective efficient collaboration and sympathetic nerve.
Michel BRUN - General manager
GTI software has been in operation for over an year and gives full satisfaction. Interventions maintenance performed very quickly. Great responsiveness and technical expertise to the development team that make an effective collaboration.
Myriam AIGUESPARSES - Director
Beler has quickly taken charge of our iPhone app, from design to publishing on the App Store. The design fully corresponds with what we expected and the ergonomics and the file update speed are all a
Emmanuel GEORGES - PDG
Within the framework of this project, we met speakers having a perfect command of the development tools of ORACLE. The allowed time was rigorously held.
Serge HESSEMANS - Manager
The good integration of the teams over a long period, the high degree of technicality and professionalism of the team allowed a fast star-up, in comparison with the complexity of the project.
Patrick RAIMBAULT - Manager
Mutuelle Médicale et Chirurgicale de l'Eure
The engineers with whom we worked six months showed autonomy, methodology, creativity and effectiveness..
Nicolas THAREAU - Technical manager
The development team demonstrated great technical skill in the realization of this software.
Michel MERCIER - General Manager
Work requiring great technical expertise. Competent team, professional and friendly. Budget and deadlines met.
Valery FRONTERE - Manager
Our specifications were easily understood by the Bucharest team. The Beler project monitoring has enabled us to continuously measure the progress and the code quality. The Romanian developers have shown themselves as very reactive.
Thierry LE ROY - Manager
The software migration of the application under Delphi 4 was carried out with brilliance. Among other things we particularly appreciated the quality/price ratio of the works, the competence of the team leader, the dialog with the
Olivier PHILIPP - Team leader
The deadlines were respected, the required corrections taken well into account, in particular the problems of response times were quickly solved. Good appreciation of the whole work.
Application development has been completed according to business requirements without exceeding the estimated time. During project implementation, the Beler Soft programmer noted by the high level of technical competence, ability to quickly find solutions to problems
Doru CAZAN - MIS IT Supervisor
The work carried out is a work of quality. The project leader was qualified and the fact of speaking French facilitated the exchanges.
Alain RIES - Technical Manager
  • Our vision of services
    • Beler is located in Romania and France and offers publishers of software packages and IT services a highly technical outsourcing programming solution specializing in the Microsoft .NET framework and apps for iPhone and Android. Its development platform in Bucharest (Romania, EU) is Microsoft Partner certified and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality label.

      In our ongoing quest for efficiency, we place the emphasis on four competitive values:
      • The quality of our teams: a highly selective recruitment, validation and
         integration process
      • The expertise of our C# and ASP.NET developers: regular training and
         Microsoft Professional certification
      • Effective project monitoring: daily reporting, weekly progress report and
         agile methods to adapt to the client context
      • Direct dialogue in English between developers and clients

      Our clients are generally publishers of software packages or IT services, specializing in a wide variety of businesses such as accounts consolidation, hospital administration, industrial site security and mobile telephony.

      Our engineers have therefore learned to adapt very quickly to a new business environment. They benefit from the ability to adapt to new cultures, which is specific for Romania, and are able to immerse themselves in your context and adjust to your objectives and constraints.

      For American companies looking to move into Eastern Europe ( in Romania) or France, and to adapt their software, Beler offers an experienced pool of expertise at attractive rates, assuring software IT-exporting.

      Price policy:
      Our offshore rates are simple and all-inclusive, from 120 € a day.
      Our strengths: high-profile employees and a global rate for a dedicated team.

      Our vision of outsourcing programming: Contributing effectively to your company profits, providing you with irreproachable technical skills and a high-quality result, and ensuring that you enjoy your relationship with our Romanian engineers, as software exporters.

      Philippe Roussel,

  • Structure and management
    • Our outsourcing programming site, Beler Soft, is situated in the centre of Bucharest, Romania, less than three hours from London by air.

      Commercial management is handled by Beler Ingenierie, based near Paris in Bourg La Reine (92), France.

      French management: Philippe Roussel

      • Electronics Engineer (Enserg Grenoble), and graduate of the IAE (Institute of
         Business Management), Paris.
      • Founder (1985) of ARC Industrie, an industrial computing services company.
      • Founder (1993) of Beler Ingénierie in France and development platforms in Romania.

      Romanian management: Daniel Lukacs

      • Graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, IT section, of the University of Bucharest.
         Joined Crinsoft (the first Beler's Romanian platform) in 1997 and became technical
         director in 2000.
      • In 2007, together with Philippe Roussel, he founded the software outsourcing
         company Beler Soft in Bucharest, and became its manager.

  • Our History
    • May 1993
      • BELER INGENIERIE founded in France. Mission: to provide software publishers reliable
         outsourcing programming solutions.

      January 1994
      • Opening in Bucharest of our own platform, CRINSOFT, which started-up with a dozen
         Romanian engineers. The contracts concern especially the redevelopment of DOS
         products in Windows. We chose Romania because it's totally suited to offshore
         programming for English-language clients looking to subcontract in Eastern Europe: there's an excellent level of university training, English is spoken and the country is part of the European Union.

      February 2000
      • Our outsourcing programming site includes around seventy Romanian IT engineers and
         obtains ISO 9001 certification for offshore software development and software IT-exporting.

      March 2002
      • We start our first C# outsourcing programming development contracts on Microsoft .NET Framework.

      May 2005
      • Crinsoft is sold to Axway Software (a Sopra Group subsidiary).
      • The French company BELER INGENIERIE remains autonomous and retains offshore programming

      August 2007
      • After reaching the targets for AXWAY with more than 140 software engineers, BELER SOFT was founded
         in Bucharest by Philippe Roussel and Daniel Lukacs in order to renew an offer of high quality outsourcing
         programming in .NET technology.

      January 2009
      • BELER SOFT becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

      April 2010
      • BELER SOFT is ISO 9001:2008 certfied for software development.

      September 2014
      • BELER SOFT gets the approval, as an European service provider, from the French Ministry of Industry concerning the "Crédit Impôt Innovation" (CII – Innovation Tax Credit). This certification allows foreign companies with a subsidiary in France who use us as subcontractors for innovative outsourcing programming developments to reduce the amount of tax they pay in France.

  • Our clients
    • We work mainly on outsourcing programming for publishers of software packages, mobile or e-commerce applications who ask us to design all or part of their products, as software exporters. We obviously provide maintenance and evolutions and, in some cases, have done so for over 10 years.

      We also enjoy being involved in the offshore programming development of start-ups who give us the task of bringing innovative concepts into being.

      Our priorities are reliability and effectiveness, and we seek to establish long-term relations.

      In addition to publishers, 30% of our clients are small to medium-sized companies (industry, legal services, viticulture, insurance) looking for an economical, reliable service provider for their specific software developments, software IT-exporting or for improvements to their information system.

      As you can see from our Satisfaction testimonials we put all our energy into winning the trust of our Clients.

  • Your security
    • Our clients have a choice between contracting directly with Beler Soft in Romania, or with Beler Ingénierie, located in France.

      Our contract clearly defines:
      • dates and content of revenues and delivery
      • ways to implement your part to the technical monitoring
      • our quality guarantee of proper operation, performance, maintenance
      • the level of documentation in English

      Before or shortly after the launch of the project, you can check on the spot in Bucharest the quality of your outsourcing programming team. We undertake to refund any deposit if, for any reason, you do not come back convinced.

      To facilitate monitoring and fidelity of information, you are directly connected with the project leader, throughout the project development.

      • All the specific developments carried out for you come with the sources.
      • Property rights are fully transferred to you.
      • We guarantee you confidentiality.